• Welcome to MOD!

    Myowndistribution.com is the company that gives you control over your own musical destiny.

    With My Own Distribution (MOD), you will have a real time dashboard to keep up-to-date with sales of your music as well as the region where your music is selling.

  • Who Are We?

    MOD is a company servicing aspiring artist of all genres who have an interest in the music industry, as well as the desire to obtain a working knowledge of the business aspects. MOD recognizes a system that has been created to control access into the music industry via radio, video, and distribution.


    Over 20 years of Music Industry knowledge and experience, we at MOD have developed a strategy designed to put you in the driver seat and hand you the keys to your own destiny. MOD will instruct you on how you can own 100% of:

    • Your own Record Label
    • Your own Masters
    • Your own Publishing
    • Your own Merchandise

    • Your own Content

    And most important, your Artist Name.

    “This is a company servicing YOU, who thought that the dream could never come true.

    Time to start living your dream!

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